About Us

Who we are:

Hyderabad Institute of Design (HID), is a leading design institute in the field of Fashion and Interiors. Where we nurture the dreams of the student’s to make them the face of the future design industry. Hyderabad Institute of Design (HID) believes that design is an art optimized to meet objectives. Hyderabad Institute of Design (HID) was established to keep this objective alive and to serve the aspirants who want to pursue a career in arts and design, with providing them with the state-in-art infrastructure. With emphasis on imparting practical training and focusing and realizing the true potential of a student. where the students can take their imagination to the next level. Having tie ups with the top brands in the industry related to both Fashion and Interiors, where student’s have the scope of having profitable experience in the industry of their choice.

Founder’s Vision:

I would like to devote this note to all who are hesitating to start following their dreams and wishes, to the young people and entrepreneurs who feel that design is a way of life.

Hyderabad Institute of Design (HID) is created to make a difference, when I started Hyderabad Institute of Design (HID) I wanted to provide the student’s a platform where they could see their dreams and visions turning to life, where the students have the wings to soar and be able to realize their dreams. That is why at Hyderabad Institute of Design (HID) student’s are provided the best infrastructure, trained and experienced faculty and placements with the top brands. The curriculum designed for both Fashion and Interiors are both latest and practical, where the learning methods keep evolving according to the demands of the industry. The entire staff at Hyderabad Institute of Design (HID) is devoted and moving ahead towards one goal, ‘The Student’s Welfare’.

Design industry has grown through years, today it has a lot to offer for those who have a articulate imagination, as George Bernard Shaw put it “Imagination is the beginning of Creation”. The opportunities in this industry are umpteen for those who are passionate and dare to live their imagination.

Hyderabad Institute of Design (HID) welcomes all those are willing to unleash their creative imagination and march ahead towards their goal. So Innovate through us.